Demodictus (2012)

Demodictus is a group of artists who are building an ever growing collection of intricate installation toys, presented as an opportunity for people to use the tools of play to communicate together over serious topics. The strain on communication that can be brought about by subjects such as death, war, religion and societal differences can make these conversations feel like difficult work. Both public and intimate at the same time, the subject of death amongst close ones is avoided through fear of its intimacy and through an enduring ancient fear of tempting the demons of superstition. Each individual work in the exhibition can separate a group of visitors into single active player and surrounding spectators as they host only one game player at a time. However, the works present themselves publicly to the anonymous, plural visitor, just as death is the solitary undertaking of an individual and at the same time universal.

Demodictus is:
Mari Prekup and Ott Pilipenko
with Hannah Harkes, Taavi Tulev, Priidik Hallas, James Connor, Märt Vaidla.